Av de l'Armée 68/B4
B-1040 Brussels
Phone : +32-(0)1-658-90-45
Fax : +32 1650 9045
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Gentaur was created by Mr. Lieven Gevaert in 2000 the main office is in Kampenhout located in the North East of Brussels, there are offices in Paris (France), Brussels, Milan (Italy) and Aachen (Germany).


Gentaur is a distributor company specialized on biotechnology products for the R&D labs. There are almost 2 million products. Biotechnology can be Molecular Biology, Immunology, Cellular Biology... Some products are manufactured in Gentaur’s lab.


Products are antibodies, ELISA kits, enzymes, centrifuges, label printers, labs small materials (tips, pipettes...). Products are shipped at different temperatures: -4°C, -20°C or -80°C (by dry ice) in polystyrene box.


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